Reflection Neutral Floor Cleaner

This product is a rinse free, neutral damp mop concentrate that saves time and labor costs in the daily floor maintenance of high gloss acrylic floor finishes. It easily and rapidly emulsifies soils, without leaving a dulling film.

Available In:

  • 4/1 Gallon – SKU: BSL18000041
  • 5 Gallons – SKU: BSL18000005
  • 55 Gallons – SKU: BSL18000055

SDS Literature Sheet



  • Color: Yellow
  • Fragrance: Lemon
  • pH Range: 8.0-8.5
  • Dilution: 2-6 oz/gal

Additional information


12/1 Quart, 4/1 Gallon, 55 Gallons

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